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Virgin Mobile

With UPC planning to launch its mobile offering in 2016, the mobile industry is set for a shake up and increased competition with likely competitive Quad play promotions from Irelands leading broadband and cable provider. With over 300,000 residential and over 7,000 business customers, UPC’s customer base is likely to be able to avail of the most competitive offering in the market. Call TNO Ltd today for more information or to register your interest.  


UPC 'optimism' shown by investment

UPC Ireland chief Magnus Ternsjo has said the company's commitment and optimism in its operations here has been shown in the amount of new product investment it has made in the past year. Mime artist Marcel So What with UPC Ireland CEO Magnus …


Sony sues UPC over music piracy move

UPC is defending a court action which could compel it to introduce an anti-online piracy system where those suspected of illegally downloading music are warned that they will have their web connections cut off if they continue to do so. The system is …


UPC Poland launches invoicing pilot project

UPC Poland has launched a new invoicing pilot project, with the aim of making billing more transparent and user friendly, reports The pilot is running with 70,000 subscribers in Warsaw, Gdansk and Krakow, and will go until the end of the year.


UPC speeds up in Romania

UPC Romania has made its new Fiber Power 200 Mbps service available in five more cities. Launched just a month ago, it can now be received in a total of nine cities, with the new additions being Vatra Dornei, Targu Neamt, Targu Frumos, Tandarei and …


UPC Show Episode 45! We are NOT Shut Down

Curtis and UPC Editor, Dylan McDonnell dive deeper into the causes of the government shutdown. The two explore the role incumbency, gerrymandering, and caucusing has on our electoral process…and how it can lead to the gridlock we see in Washington …

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