TNO Ltd. provides connection services through our partners Virgin Media, Eir and Blueface to a variety of customers Nationwide.

If you think your existing broadband is too slow or you are fed up with paying expensive line rental or even if you are moving premises, just call us and we will manage the changeover from start to finish.
Switching to Virgin Media will not involve any disruption as they operate a separate network. which can run in parallel until you are completely satisfied.

As Virgin Media network connection Partner we come across every brand of phone system from Panasonic to Samsung, LG, NEC, Toshiba and can move repair, upgrade of replace as required and offer significant discounts to customers connecting to the Virgin Media network (Free connection or reduced price systems)

As an accredited Eir Dealer, we offer a full range of Eir services from phone Line orders to Eircom Broadband service including upgrades to Eir Fibre Broadband.

We also provide service on all Eircom Phone systems from Netlink to Broadlink and Advantage 4800 to Siemens systems.

Eircom Netlink and Broadlink systems are manufactured by Lake communications and we carry a full range of spares.

Eircom Advantage

The Eircom Advantage phone system is manufactured in Dublin by MDS and is an ideal platform for Small to medium sized business and we are happy to offer service or maintenance on this system.

We work on all Siemens systems from Hicom to Hipath at a fraction of Eircom charges.

TNO Ltd is also a Blueface Partner for provision of IP or Hosted phone services and have extensive experience of connecting IP phones to their network.



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