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UPC launches new superfast broadband business service

“This announcement by UPC will make a very welcome contribution to our reputation for broadband capacity and to our overall economic recovery.” Download our Free iPhone App Now. Download our iPad app now. Download our Free Android App Now.


UPC 'optimism' shown by investment

UPC Ireland chief Magnus Ternsjo has said the company's commitment and optimism in its operations here has been shown in the amount of new product investment it has made in the past year. Mime artist Marcel So What with UPC Ireland CEO Magnus …


Next up: TV ads just for you

But earlier this year, DirecTV and Dish Network announced a partnership that would allow political clients to reach into about 20 million households by matching up customers' identities with their satellite receiver, much as a telephone number rings at …


Huff: Why Summit County ever got telephones

A long time ago the public partnered with telecommunications companies, mostly AT&T's Bell Systems, and granted them service monopolies for large chunks of the US. This meant that only one company would provide your telecommunications needs and in …


The FCC is 'beta testing' a next-gen telephone network

Federal regulators have taken their first major step in accelerating the country's move toward high-capacity, fiber optic phone networks. In a unanimous vote Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission approved a program of trials designed to study …


GL Enhances Traffic Analysis Tool for Voice Over IP

GL Communications Inc announced today its enhanced Traffic Analysis Tool for Voice over IP called Packet Data Analysis (PDA). Speaking to reporters, Mr. Karthik Ramalingam, Manager Product Development of the company said, “GL's Packet Data Analysis …


Broadband trumps cable TV at UPC

Due to its broadband rollout, UPC saw a sharp rise in its telephone subscription base, which grew 23pc over the last 12 months to 293,500. It said it has 533,000 individual customers, down 1pc on the same time last year. However, those customers are …


UPC and Liberty Global bring action over Eircom campaign

A row over alleged infringement of the trade marks of television, broadband and phone service provider UPC in an allegedly misleading comparative advertisement campaign by Eircom has come before the Commercial Court. Liberty Global Europe Holding …


Don't pull plug on basic phone service

AT&T would choose whether to supply service with a traditional wire to your house, a wireless network or Internet-based technology. The bill also gives customers who are sold another type of service only 30 days to notify the company — in writing …

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