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Eircom Business Systems discontinues Broadlink

Eircom Business systems no longer provides support for the Eircom Broadlink, Netlink and Eircom Advantage systems which have been discontinued. Rather than buying a new system contact and we can replace phones or repair the system as required. We also carry spares for many other Eircom systems including Siemens.  


Next up: TV ads just for you

But earlier this year, DirecTV and Dish Network announced a partnership that would allow political clients to reach into about 20 million households by matching up customers' identities with their satellite receiver, much as a telephone number rings at …


Don't pull plug on basic phone service

AT&T would choose whether to supply service with a traditional wire to your house, a wireless network or Internet-based technology. The bill also gives customers who are sold another type of service only 30 days to notify the company — in writing …


We spend billions a year maintaining phone lines (almost) nobody depends on …

A back-of-the-envelope estimate by a Georgetown University researcher suggests that telecom companies may be spending as much as $16 billion a year maintaining their old phone networks. From that kind of investment, we might expect large benefits. But …

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